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Transfer of pollution

It is necessary to take care of pollution transfer somewhere else on the life cycle stages, while decreasing the environmental impact of one of its stage.


Histograms represent the environmental impacts of the product along its life cycle. If the environmental impact is stronger the histogram becomes more important. You can see that in version 1, the manufacturing stage is the most polluting stage.


If we redesign the product while substituing a material or a substance by an other one to decrease the pollution caused by the process as it is in case number 2, we will have ameliorated the environmental performance of the site of production. But nevertheless perhaps they will have chosen a material or a substance which is very often rare and very difficult to reuse at its disposal.

Finally, you have a product which global effect of environment, that means  with regard to life cycle of this product and all the environmental impacts, will be worther than the initial solution.

Environmental impacts

Global warning,
decreasing of  abiotic ressouces,
toxic substances