L'éco-conception, c'est quoi ?
L'éco-conception, c'est quoi ?
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Diagnostic, is about …?
  • A sensibilisation on ecodesign
  • A statistic of the stakes of your company face to face to ecodesign
  • a suggestion of an environmental strategy of one of your products by determining in a checklist of 3 or 5 criterium

Do you wish to know the stakes of your company face to face to ecodesign?
Start the self evaluation


- Recruitment and preparation of the visit (1/2 day)
- Visit in your company (1/2 day)
- Elaboration of report (2 days)
- To give back a report with guide lines (1/2 day)

Cost of pre-diagnostic

This service is really supported.
To receive more details on our service please contact us at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of your local region.